Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marriages by State

Marriages by State

At Engravables Plus, we’re a little bit obsessed with weddings. 

We have so much fun helping couples pick out the right glassware design for their wedding party.  We also engrave sweet silver boxes for flower girls, and personalized photo frames to thank Mom and Dad for their love and support as well as countless silver frames for wedding gifts for the new couple.   

As we send these thoughtful personalized gifts out to brides and grooms and their families across the country, we started wondering about who’s getting married, and where.  Nestled as we are in central Vermont, we see plenty of white tents outside quaint country inns for destination weddings and locals throwing country weddings in their back yards. 

We took a peek at The US Census Bureau data and found that Las Vegas is the jackpot for weddings!  The census compares the number of weddings to the population of each state and apparently those drive-through chapels are a big hit.  Hawaii comes in a strong second, which makes sense for those who want an exotic location for a destination wedding.  Interestingly, Arkansas is third.  We’ve never been there, but we’ve heard it’s beautiful also.

Here’s a map of the Marriages by state:

Here are some highlights (numbers represent marriages per 1000 residents):

Top 5
Nevada -  40.9 
Hawaii - 17.9 
Arkansas - 10.7
Idaho - 8.9
Vermont - 8.7

Bottom 5
District of Columbia - 4.7
Mississippi - 4.8
New Mexico - 5.0
New York - 5.1
Wisconsin - 5.3

We think that means that people work in D.C. and New York, and then travel to Las Vegas or Hawaii to get married.   We have no actual knowledge of whether that's true - just a thought.

As we dig deeper into the data, we'll post more soon.