Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fonts and What They Communicate

Font Styles
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Much like the clothes you wear or the expression on your face, the font you choose for a particular invitation, logo, or engraved gift can communicate as much emotion as the words on their own. Or, conversely, fonts have the power to alter the impression of words completely. Have you ever received an email in all capital letters and felt yelled at? Use our guide to the emotions associated with typography when choosing your font design.


Times New Roman
Times New Roman has long been engrained in the public mind as a classic, default choice. It is thought of as being straight forward and clear, and is an appropriate choice for a wide range of printed documents. Times New Roman works great for business purposes, such as a nameplate or business card holder.

While serif fonts had for many years been used for printed text, the growth of digital consumption called for new fonts to be designed that would improve readability on the screen. While still a conservative choice, Calibri is respected for its simplicity and universality.

Designed specifically for the film industry, one typed page of Courier is approximately equal to one minute of screen time. Because it also closely resembles the fonts used on typewriters, many who use it are those who long for the older days of journalism. However, Courier is best when used for its intended purpose- screenplays.

Franklin Gothic
Franklin Gothic is another classic choice of font. It is steady, reliable, and trustworthy.

Font Styles

At Engravables Plus, we are pleased to offer many different font styles on your favorite items. While any gift looks great with personalized engraving, there are some styles that are especially appropriate for certain items or occasions.

Block text gives off a clear, bold voice. This typically reads a little bit stronger than other styles and works great for a single letter or just a last name for example.

If you are looking to engrave a phrase or message, Italicized font looks particularly nice as it indicates your own speaking voice, similarly to how a quote may be italicized in written text.

Scripted fonts instill a very nostalgic and romantic feeling to text. Harkening back to the days when penmanship was taught and prized, scripted text is a great way to make a message appear particularly personal.

If you are interested to learn more, take a look at this article from Smashing Magazine. Be sure that when you are choosing a font for your next engraved or monogrammed gift, be it a beer stein, wine glass, or picture frame, you are selecting one that sends the right message to the recipient.

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