Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Favorite Summer Glass of Tea

Engraved Glass with a Stem
Monogrammed Iced Tea Glass
On a hot summer day, we love a big glass of Arnold Palmer, which is half iced tea and half lemonade.  We think our Iced Tea Glass is the perfect choice for a big glass of anything cold, preferably personalized with a monogram and a nice fruity decoration.

Rumor has it that Arnold himself prefers his mixed at about 70% iced tea to 30% lemonade, which is a bit less sweet, but we’re going with 50/50 here.

Arnold Palmer Tea

Iced Tea:

4 tea bags
1 tea kettle filled with boiling water

Tea Directions:  Tie the tea bags together attach to the handle of a large pitcher or jar. Pour the hot water over the tea bags and into the pitcher. Set aside for 5 minutes to work its magic.


1 cup Simple Syrup, (1 cup sugar +1 cup water simmered in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves, then set aside to cool.)
1 cup lemon juice
1 lemon, zest
2 cups water

Lemonade Directions: Mix the Simple Syrup, lemon juice, lemon zest and water.

To make an Arnold Palmer, fill an Iced Tea Glass with ice.  Fill halfway with iced tea, then add lemonade to the top.

Adapted from Tyler Florence, Food Network 2008

You can change the flavors by using different types of tea bags paired with the lemonade.  English Breakfast, Earl Grey or orange pekoe tea will give it a different twist. You can also add strawberries, raspberries, or watermelon for a fruity pop of flavor!

Don't forget to order some monogrammed Iced Tea Glasses.  They really complete the presentation.  A set of 4 or 6 makes a nice personalized gift for your favorite hostess, or wedding couple.

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