Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How Frame Choice Impacts Your Photo

We love to personalize picture frames with engraving for our customers, and are always curious about what is going inside once the engraved photo frame arrives at their home or business.

We definitely sell more silver toned frames than any other color, between aluminum and silver plate, but we also offer black frames and natural wood frames as well.  Here, we're going to use one of our favorite landscape photos that we found on Tumblr, and show you how the choice of frame interacts with the photo inside.

Let's start with this gorgeous picture that we found on
It's just such a beautiful landscape and makes us want to travel, NOW!

Now, back to the task at hand, once you've returned from your wonderful trip, what frame should you use for your favorite vacation shot?

This is our silver frame:  CG23712 4x6 Personalized Silver Photo Frame
We just engraved a simple date at the bottom of this frame in Script font.  (It's a bit hard to see in this picture.)  What we notice in this silver frame is that the lighter colors are enhanced - clouds, white horse, and buildings are highlighted, and the greens really pop.
Engraved Silver Photo Frame
Engraved 4x6 Silver Frame

Next is our personalized natural ash wooden frame:  FM854 Engraved 4x6 Wood Picture Frame
Again, just a simple date at the bottom, but there's plenty of space to engrave one or two lines at the top or bottom of the wooden frame.  All of the colors are a bit more subtle in this frame.  The brown castle shows nicely, and the colors seem somehow warmer with the wooden frame compared to the silver one.
Etched Wooden Photo Frame
Engraved 4x6 Natural Wood Frame

The third engraved picture frame is our black frame:  4x6 Black Metal Personalized Frame
For this frame, the aluminum frame is painted smooth black, and the lettering is laser etched into the photo frame, revealing the silver metal underneath.  This has the broadest border of the three frames we're showing here, and can fit up to three lines of engraved text at top and bottom of the frame border. For the picture in the black frame, the darker colors - shadows, horse - show up a bit more and all of the greens look really vibrant.  This is a favorite frame for us, because it seems like any photo really pops with the black border surrounding it.

Engraved Photo Frame
4x6 Engraved Black Frame

So, there you have it.  A lovely landscape, with three different options for personalized frame style with three very different impressions and styles.

To see more of our frame styles, click  HERE to go to all of our engraved photo frame options.


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