Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aluminum or Silver-Plated: Which Frame Should You Choose?

Engraving a picture frame offers you an enduring way to personalize a special gift with a quote, a thought, a date or a name. When you choose aluminum or silver plate for your engraving, your sentiment lasts forever. The choice of a frame is a matter of personal taste, but we often receive questions from our customers about what the difference is between aluminum- and silver-plated frames. We’ve detailed a few characteristics of each style below to clear things up.

Brushed Aluminum Frames: Casual and Durable

brushed aluminum engraved picture frame
Engraved Brushed Aluminum Frame

The silver color of brushed aluminum is softer and warmer than silver plate, and it’s a bit more resistant to wear and tear. If you’re considering a gift for a young and active family – or a frame for your own – brushed aluminum may work well for you. Aside from hiding fingerprints, it is a highly durable material that obscures dents and scratches. So feel free to pass that photo around at family gatherings without worrying about the frame!

Most of our brushed aluminum frames gives you ample space for an engraving above and below the photo. Because it has a less formal appearance than silver plate, brushed aluminum lets you use a larger and stronger typeface than you may choose for use on silver plate. The small foot, or serif, on a Roman font is a fine detail that would suit the distinctive alumninum frame well.

Aluminum frames are also well-suited for companies and organizations to use as awards and giveaways. Company logos show up especially well on brushed aluminum, and since the price point is a bit lower than silver, they’re more cost-effective to buy in bulk. At Engravables Plus, we never charge extra to add a logo.

Appropriate for any purpose that you choose, our brushed aluminum frames are especially suitable for a photograph of a memorable event in the life of a child or a family. A trip to a famous zoo, a victory at the Little League field, a young cheerleader winning a competition, or a commencement day family photo would all work great here.

Silver-Plated Frames: Formal and Timeless

silver-plated engraved picture frame
Engraved Silver Photo Frame

Silver plate is elegant and stately, perfect for memorializing an extra-special occasion like weddings or anniversaries. Our silver-plated frame is the perfect background for any of our finer, more sophisticated fonts, and the traditional styles that mimic cursive may help convey the sentiment that you want to express. Major events that occur only once deserve the respect and place of honor that are reserved for a beautifully engraved, silver-plated frame.

Because there’s ample space on the frame, you may wish to commemorate the event with an original verse, a poem, a line of scripture, or a personal message. With up to six lines of text and up to 24 characters on each line, you have room to say the words that will have a lasting meaning. Of course, fewer words in a larger font can be just as powerful.

Whether you decide on the smudge-proof versatility of an aluminum frame or the classic elegance of a silver-plated frame, we offer top-quality items that will help you cherish your memories forever!