Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Throw the Perfect Rustic Wedding

how to throw an outdoorsy wedding

The beauty of nature can perfectly complement the joy of two people uniting in marriage. Perhaps for that reason, rustic weddings have exploded in popularity over the last few years. If you'd like to host a down-to-earth celebration, replete with natural details and little reminders of an outdoorsy life, there are a few things you should consider.

First, you and your significant other should decide if you want an outdoor affair or if you'd like to rent a barn. With the latter option, you won't risk subjecting your guests to bad weather; but at the same time, there’s nothing more magical than a perfect sunny wedding.

Scout as many locations as possible; mountains, beaches, and vineyards are popular options for fans of the rustic, and chances are you’ll connect to a particular type of setting based on where you grew up and what you enjoy doing outdoors. Maybe you'll both fall in love with a certain spot the instant you see it. Just be certain that your guests will have enough shade, and find out if you'll need to rent heating or cooling systems. Further, make sure that all outdoor areas are well-lit to prevent falls. If you hang strings of white lights on trees, your wedding space will become especially enchanting after the sun goes down.

To get your attendees excited about your rural wedding, send them invitations with woodsy images: trees, flowers, or perhaps the silhouettes of birds. Next, assemble a series of nature-themed objects for your big day. For starters, you could paint signs on pieces of plywood to direct people from the parking area to the spot where the ceremony will take place. Your guestbook could be decorated with pressed wildflowers or blades of grass. You might obtain tablecloths made out of burlap, and you can serve your guests drink from personalized mason jars engraved with the happy couple’s initials. Try highlighting your centerpieces with natural materials like bark, pine cones, and pebbles.

Finally, you need to choose wedding favors. Even at a rustic event, you can supply your friends and loved ones with elegant items like engraved wine glasses and engraved photo frames that will always carry the memory of the big day. You can also let your guests keep their engraved mason jars, or fill mason jars with candy and a lid to create a unique favor. Whenever your guests use those jars, they'll remember you and the fun time that they had at your rural wedding.

Your day will already be a memorable one. Make it even more memorable with the perfect ambiance, decorations, and favors!


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